Picture stunning ocean views, salty air, sunshine, and good vibes… did someone say a Noosa vacation? Noosa is the perfect holiday spot for so many occasions, but with so much to look forward to, planning your getaway can be overwhelming. To help you make the most of this gorgeous piece of paradise, we’ve crafted a list of our top tips when planning your trip.

  1. Book Accommodation

Accommodation can make or break your stay, so it’s important that this step lives at the top of your to-do list. Before choosing where you’d like to stay, we recommend having a think about where in Noosa you’d like to use as a home base. Whether you’re looking for something that is family-oriented or not, and proximity to all the things you want to explore during your stay are all great things to consider. Personally, we think you just can’t beat beachfront living while on holidays, that’s why our beachfront apartments offer the best of both worlds for comfort and proximity to all the action. Visit our homepage to find out more about Seahaven and check availability.

  1. Book Tours

Have you been eyeing off some of the exciting and beautiful tours that the Noosa region has to offer? If so, we’d recommend locking them in as soon as possible. Once you’ve booked, you can begin to map out the rest of your holiday around these fun adventures. A few of our favourite tours you might love include Noosa Queen River Tours, Noosa Wave Whale & Dolphin Adventures, Noosa Quad Bike Tours and Tasty Tours.

  1. Plan Your Day Activities

Now that you’ve got your tours locked in, it’s time to plan the rest of your holiday. There are so many options to choose from,  and if you’re staying at Seahaven Noosa Resort, you can relax by our gorgeous tropical pools, take a stroll down to the sand, catch the sunrise from your balcony, or  walk the stunning Noosa National Park. It’s important to create a loose plan before you leave so that you can pack all the right things in order to have a smooth, peaceful holiday.

  1. Research Where to Eat & Drink

You’ve planned accommodation, booked tours, crafted an idea of how you’ll spend your days here in paradise… but it wouldn’t really be a holiday without delving into the world of delicious Noosa food and drink. With some gorgeous spots to choose from, you truly are spoilt for choice. Whether you wish to explore Noosa Heads, Noosa Junction or along the Noosa River, there’s sure to be something to ‘wow’ the tastebuds and accommodate for every member of the family. We’d recommend doing some research before you get to Noosa, so as not to waste any of your precious time having to decide on the spot.

  1. Pack Accordingly

Now that you’ve booked where you’ll be staying, planned how you’ll spend your days, and researched where you’d like to eat and drink, there’s only one thing left… packing for your getaway! There’s nothing worse than leaving for a relaxing holiday and realising you’ve left all the important things behind – which is why we’ve included this step last on the list. By ensuring you’ve planned all aspects of your Noosa vacation before you roll out the suitcase, you can pack accordingly and ensure a relaxing, calm getaway.

Next time you’re headed to Noosa for a holiday, simply follow these 5 steps and you’ll be well on your way to a peaceful, fun, and adventurous trip away. We hope to share this beautiful piece of the world with you soon!