If there’s one thing you’ll notice while holidaying in Noosa, it’s that a lot of the Noosa locals rise with the sun. With sunrises casting perfect golden hues across this pristine part of the world, it’s no wonder there’s plenty of friendly faces around when the sun says good morning. In this beachside paradise, you’re spoilt for things to do after the sun rises, so we’ve compiled our favourites so all that’s left for you to do is relax.

Sunrise at Sunshine

As cliché as it sounds, watching the sunrise over Sunshine Beach is a morning ritual worth taking up. With the beach facing East, you can warm up to the day while looking out over the sunny horizon. If you’re up extra early, duck into Sunshine Social on your way down, so you can enjoy a quality brew while taking in the beauty that surrounds.

Breakfast at Belmondos Organic

When the hunger starts to creep in, you can count on Belmondos Organic to fuel your day. From revitalising morning smoothies to all the breakfast staples, Belmondos sure knows best. Bask in the morning sun in their industrial-style outdoor setting, or enjoy the inviting atmosphere of their indoor café area, where you can soak in the scents of great coffee while you wait.

Refresh at Tea Tree Bay

You might have heard whispers of this mesmerising bay, though no one can truly comprehend such beauty until they’re bathing in Tea Tree’s very turquoise waters. A short stroll through the Noosa National Park will find you here, where calmer waters tend to greet you, welcoming a day of beachside bliss. Take a dip, then find yourself a shady spot amongst the trees where you can watch the day roll by. Tea Tree Bay tends to be slightly quieter than Little Cove, so consider this the ultimate stop if you’re seeking solidarity.

Discover Deliciousness on Hastings

If you need a moment to debate which cuisine is calling your name for dinner, we’d recommend watching dusk come over Noosa Main Beach from the best deck in town. The Noosa Surf Club boasts epic views and refreshing beverages, so you can take in golden hour with your cocktail of choice, and maybe even a bucket of the delicious Mooloolaba prawns.

Once you’re feeling ready to check out the exceptional establishments at your doorstep, wander Hastings Street and you might just find yourself in one of the top venues on the Sunshine Coast. If Asian-inspired is your thing, Bang Bang Noosa can’t be missed, or if Italian sounds more of interest, Locale is the one for you. And if like us, you also love a burger, Betty’s Burgers can really do no wrong.

We’ve got plenty more recommendations where those came from, but what would a holiday be without an element of surprise? We think we’ve painted the picture pretty clear that if you’re looking for a beachside escape, Noosa can be all that and more.

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