Holidaying in Noosa is the epitome of relaxation in pristine paradise. Let yourself imagine you’re on a vacation to our beach-front Seahaven Noosa Resort, you have enjoyed a calming swim at our iconic Noosa Main Beach, just steps from your door… now your heart is urging to explore the wonders of the most secluded Noosa swimming holes. But where are you going to start your exploration? Never fear, we have the perfect guide for you – of the top 5 Noosa swimming holes that are a must-try:

1. Tea Tree Bay

Just a 20-minute walk along the Noosa National Park Coastal Track hides the tantalising Tea Tree Bay, tucked well away from the hustle and bustle of Hastings Street. This gorgeous, secluded bay is home to not only an exquisite expanse of beach, but also little mysterious rock pools that appear at low tide, enticing you to come and explore.

As the only bay along the Coastal Track with near-by facilities, this secret hideaway is perfect for spending the whole day. Paradise doesn’t get much closer than at Tea Tree Bay… after all, what is more secluded than a beach accessible only by foot?

2. Harry’s Hut

Experience the Noosa Everglades at it’s finest and most secluded spot, Harry’s Hut. Located in the woodland banks of the Upper Noosa River, this spot is well worth the longer drive to explore all that the surrounding hinterland has to offer.

Although the name may not sound glamourous, this secluded Noosa swimming hole retreat is perfect for a dose of bushland waterside relaxing.

3. Paradise Cave

Towards the Sunshine Beach end of the Noosa National Park Coastal Walk lies a hidden paradise, perhaps the most secluded Noosa swimming hole of all… Paradise Cave. With not just one, but two caves to be explored (with a satisfying swim laying between them) this swimming hole, and the caves that surround, make up the ultimate paradise adventure.

You can find this treasure by using the last beach access on Seaview Terrace, however it should be noted that this trip should only be made during low tide.

4. Lake Cootharaba

With its glass-like expanse of water and unmissable colours at sunset, Lake Cootharaba should absolutely take a spot on your top Noosa swimming hole list.

Despite the 40-minute drive from Seahaven Noosa, this picturesque lake is the largest of its kind along the Noosa River. This allows for plenty of space to relax, swim and even try out other water activities like kayaking or canoeing.

5. Little Cove

Last, but certainly not least on our list of our top secluded Noosa swimming holes is the seemingly secret Little Cove beach.

Despite it being popular, this magical, tree-lined patch of beach paradise simply makes you feel as though it could be your very own little secret. With glistening, often calm water and a vast expanse of sand, this beach is perfect for families and a little sunshine relaxing. You can find the stunning sands of Little Cove by walking a short way towards the start of the Noosa National Park Coastal Track.

Next time you pay us a visit, be sure to set aside some time to explore the wonders that these secluded Noosa swimming holes have to offer. Who knows, you might even find your very own secluded spot on your adventure!