A Seahaven stay is the ultimate, relaxing return to nature. If you look a little closer, beyond the beachfront views and stunning nature walks, the gorgeous landscapes aren’t the only hidden gems you can find. Noosa is home to koalas and other stunning wildlife… if you know where to look.

Noosa Heads Coastal Walk

At the end of Hastings Street hides the beautiful Noosa Heads Coastal Walk, home to some of Noosa’s best lookouts, ocean views and, if your lucky, cute koalas. At the very start of the track near the car park, you can find a blackboard with recent koala sighting locations to point you in the right direction. There’s no doubt that these spots will be some of the best places to see kolas in Noosa on any given day!

If those locations happen to be empty, our next suggestion would be to head to Tea Tree Bay and explore the treetops near the toilet facility. Our gorgeous little friends love to hide away around here, in the tall eucalypts.

Tanglewood Track

Also hidden in the Noosa National Park is the Tanglewood Track – a hiking trail that takes you a little further away from the coastline but brings you that much closer to finding a little furry friend up in the treetops. Thanks to its stunning trees such as scribbly gums, hoop pines, blue gums, pink bloodwoods, and kauri pines, even without spotting a koala this 7.1km walk is well worth doing. And for those who don’t wish to complete the whole track, there is a meet-up point with the Coastal Walk at Hells Gates that will take you straight back to Hastings Street.

Other Wildlife Spotting Opportunities

Whilst walking around with your eyes turned upwards, we guarantee you’ll pass some incredible views… maybe even chances to spot some other wildlife! If you head along the Coastal Walk to Dolphin Point, you might be lucky enough to sight a pod of dolphins, a turtle or two and maybe even a whale (between June and November). And if that wasn’t enough, as you’re walking through Noosa National Park be sure to look down… a little echidna could be hiding somewhere nearby!

From koala sightings to gorgeous coastal views, we couldn’t recommend setting aside a day in your Seahaven stay schedule to explore the natural beauty of Noosa National Park more. While you’re taking the time to relax and reconnect with the wild, who knows what you might spot…?