Imagine you’ve spent your day soaking in the stunning Seahaven sunshine, basking in the cool, blue Noosa water, and indulging in the finest foods our area has to offer. It’s been an incredible, yet busy few days of exploration, and you couldn’t dream of anything better in this moment than truly relaxing… thank goodness for Noosa Day Spas! We have created a list of Noosa’s most peaceful, soothing day spas, sure to get you feeling relaxed and ready to really slip into holiday mode during your Seahaven getaway.

Noosa Springs

Tucked into the stunning surrounds of Noosa Springs resides a Roman- and Greek-inspired Day Spa, with aqua therapy experiences rooted in European traditions. From unique HyrdoMassage and flotation pool offerings, to infrared sauna, steam room, outdoor couple’s spa and treatment suite experiences, there is something for every kind of relaxing here at one of the most renowned Noosa Day Spas.

Ikatan Day Spa

Step into a Noosa-style Balinese oasis, just around the corner from your Seahaven stay. Embracing the Balinese way, Ikatan Day Spa prides itself on bringing life back to a slower pace and providing their staff plenty of time to care for each and every guest. With their gorgeous gardens creating a village-like feel, all Ikatan experiences provide an escape from the ordinary and a means to slow down and get lost in serenity.

Endota Day Spa

Nurture your body, mind, and senses, just a short walk from your Seahaven doorstep with Endota Day Spa. Take the time to let your everyday worries float away as your ease into your treatment with a relaxing cup of organic tea and wait for your highly trained therapist to tend to your every wellness and beauty need. From spa packages to beauty therapies, Endota is the perfect Noosa Day Spa for you if you’re looking to stay nice and close to your Seahaven home away from home.

Day Spa Noosa

Escape to a place of tranquility with Day Spa Noosa, set in the heart of Noosaville and just a short drive from your Seahaven paradise. This Noosa day spa prides themselves on their focus on sustainability and natural, organic wellness treatments. When relaxing with Day Spa Noosa, you can rest assured knowing that all product lines are locally made and natural, and their staff have both yours, and Mother Nature’s, best interests at heart.

Sensaura Day Spa

Immerse yourself in a wellbeing haven at Sensaura Day Spa, where reviving your body, clearing your mind, and replenishing your soul are key focusses. From incredibly relaxing treatments including body scrubs, massages, and reflexology, to peaceful yoga classes or simple relaxing on their serene balcony, there is an option for everyone at this gorgeous Noosa day spa.

Whether it’s a short drive or simple stroll away from your Seahaven paradise, there is guaranteed to be a Noosa day spa in the area perfectly suited to your every relaxation and wellness need. After a big few days of exploring, treat yourself to a day spa indulgence, and let your body and mind truly slip into holiday mode.

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