A Noosa holiday is a delight for all your senses, from the smell of the salty air to the cool ocean against your skin, the sound of the waves crashing as you wake in the morning, and of course, food and drinks that take your breath away. From delicious gin to locally flavoured whisky, Noosa and surrounds is home to beautiful distilleries, just waiting for you to stop by.

Seabourne Distillery

Crafted from a desire to create a range of spirits that capture why so many people from across the world fall in love with our region, Seabourne is a must-visit Noosa distillery for gin-lovers. With a picturesque distillery and bar area, and a range of gin-blending classes and tours on offer, there’s something for everyone who is interested in discovering the story of Noosa through their tastebuds.

Pomona Distilling Co.

Tucked away in the heart of the Noosa Hinterland lies Pomona Distilling Co, a distillery that exists to showcase the Pomona spirit, grain to glass production, and local botanical flavours. A story that is 40 years in the making for their Master Distiller, Pomona Distilling Co’s beautiful gins go on a creation journey from farm to bottle, delivering a spirit that is as smooth and pure as the earth from which it came from. With a stunning venue to match, this is one local distillery you do not want to skip.

‘Fortune’ Noosa Heads Distillery

Noosa Heads Distillery’s Fortune gins are distilled as a labour of love in their behemoth copper pot still, a sure sight to behold for all distilling enthusiasts. At home within the Land & Sea Brewery, this Noosa distillery uses traditional methods to craft their spirits, creating an end product much like a traditional London Dry. With their gin all hand-bottled and labelled, ‘Fortune’ Noosa Heads Distillery keeps true to its roots and should make the bucket list of all gin fans.

20 20 Distillery

Located in the hinterland, just a short drive from Noosa is 20 20 Distillery, home to gin, whisky, and gin seltzers distilled the old-fashioned way – by smell and taste. Based on simplicity, their spirits are made from stripped back ingredients that still pack a punch of flavour. With a beautiful Tastings Bar to match, this is the perfect place to visit if more than just gin piques your interest.

With so much more than just its beautiful beaches to uncover, Noosa truly is the perfect place to let your senses run wild, and our local distilleries are no exception. If you’re still looking for the perfect accommodation to base your adventures from, head to our website to explore our ultimate beachfront availabilities.